Helping teachers embed
Education for Sustainable Development in their teaching and learning

Take 1 Programme aims to support schools to communicate, raise awareness of, and embed Education for Sustainable Development as part of a broad curriculum, through the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Take 1 Programme objectives:
  • Provide professional learning opportunities to engage with and understand Education for Sustainable Development
  • Explore opportunities to link formal, non-formal and extra-curricular activities to the achievement of the Global Goals.
  • Support the inclusion of Education for Sustainable Development as part of school policy and wellbeing programmes

  •  21/11/2022 08:00 AM - 02/12/2022 07:17 PM
  • Online Event

Teaching 1 Lesson, about 1 SDG, to 1 Class over 1 Week

  •  10/05/2022 12:01 AM
  • Online Event

May Day for Sustainability supports schools to showcase their engagement in teaching and learning about Education for Sustainable Development. Schools can share their activities and actions on social media using the hashtag #etb_sdgs

  •  11/05/2021 12:05 AM - 11/05/2021 11:59 PM
  •   Tipperary ETB

Tipperary Education and Training Board schools will celebrate the beginning of their collective Education for Sustainable Development Education journey with a May Day for Sustainability on May 11th, 2021. Watch our social media platforms for all the different activities. #etb_sdgs

  • 25
  •  11/12/2020 08:00 PM - 19/12/2020 10:03 PM
  • Online Event

An online TAKE 1 Programme Training Seminar is proposed for November 11th and 12th, subject to sufficient interest. This will be a half day seminar costing €25, with options to participate in any one of the sessions provided. Numbers for each session will be limited and you may be offered your alternative choice if a session is oversubscribed or cancelled. Teacher participants must be accompanied by a Principal and/or Deputy Principal. November 11th - 1:30 - 4:00pm November 12th - 10:00 - 12:30 November 12th - 1:30 - 4:00pm Further details are available from the Director of Schools in your ETB.

Take 1 Week 2022
November 21st -25th
The Take 1 Programme promotes an Education for Sustainable Development awareness raising campaign in schools, which includes support to engage with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in a formal way through classroom experiences. Resource materials highlight opportunities for embedding ESD in teaching and learning in all subject areas. The Take 1 Programme methodology maps the SDGs to learning outcomes in Junior Cycle subjects, demonstrating how teaching and learning about sustainability can be aligned to existing subject syllabuses.

Using this approach, every student, in every classroom, through every subject can learn about the interconnected nature of Education for Sustainable Development. Take 1 Week elevates these teaching and learning opportunities, by creating a focus on 'whole school' engagement.

Each teacher involved is asked to teach 1 Lesson, about 1 SDG to 1 class group any time during Take 1 Week

Schools highlight their activities internally at school level and on various social media platforms, using the #etb_sdgs on Twitter

View the Gallery to see some of the interesting activities from the campaigns in previous years

*A key to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 is to make the information on the 17 goals available and understandable. While issues around climate change and climate action have dominated the SDG agenda in recent years, awareness of, and achievement in, all 17 Global goals is vitally important.
Take 1 WeekTake 1 Week
  • Dublin, Leinster, Ireland