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May Day for Sustainability 2024 May 7th May Day for Sustainability is an opportunity for schools to commence, develop and celebrate their engagement with Education for Sustainable Development in the school community. Each year the Take 1 Programme poses some interactive challenges for schools as part of this celebratory event. In 2024 the Metre of Meadow campaign will continue. The 'Metre of Meadow' challenges schools to find a green space in their school environment, which they can allow to grow and develop without any tending or maintenance. Progress can be shared on X/twitter using the hashtags #take1mayday and #take1programme , showing how the 'metre' has grown and what birds, bees, flowers have appeared. Schools aren't limited to just one metre so if you have the space - let it grow! The Take 1 Programme supports schools to engage with Education for Sustainable Development through the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as part of their learning and teaching experiences. The Take 1 Programme methodology maps the SDGs to learning outcomes in Junior Cycle subjects, demonstrating how teaching and learning about sustainability can be aligned to existing subject syllabuses. Using this approach, every student, through every subject, in every classroom, can learn about the interconnected nature of Education for Sustainable Development. May Day for Sustainability celebrates these teaching and learning opportunities, by creating a focus on 'whole school' engagement. View the Gallery to see some of the interesting activities from the campaigns in previous years

  • Date: 26/03/2024 09:53 AM - 24/05/2024 09:53 AM
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