Get Up & Goals

The organisers

Get up and goals! is coordinated by the Italian CISP and it involves 12 European countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Key actors are NGOs, Universities and Local Authorities.

The resources

Get up and goals! provides teachers of different disciplines with innovative teaching resources to use in their classrooms:

  • The deepening of four global themes: climate change, gender inequalities, international inequalities and global migrations.
  • Methodologies consistent with UNESCO Global Citizenship Education.
  • Teaching resources in 12 languages, usable by individuals or teams of teachers; TLUs; a global geo-history textbook produced by university professors of global history; tools for the formative and summative evaluation of students.
  • Self-assessment tools for schools (SATs), to monitor the effectiveness of Global Citizenship Education activities in terms of: achieving learning outcomes, school ethics, intercultural sensitivity, sustainable energy use, etc.